jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

The Great Gatsby: First Impressions

"The only inhabitant of West Egg no to enjoy Jay Gatsby's legendary parties is Jay Gatsby. The one girl he seeks to impress with them is already married. Glamorous, dangerous, hopeful and desperately in love, Gatsby's naive dreams can only lead to destruction"

As you can see, the design of the cover of my copy of The Great Gatsby is fairly plain, so no much of the book content can be deduced from it. Nevertheless, the blurb at the back offers some hints about the story. The main character, Jay Gatsby, is mentioned as being glamorous, dangerous but at the same time naive.

Also there is also a mention of his dreams ultimately leading him to doom. Certainly this story will not have a happy ending. In this review, it is stated that this story is about the American Dream, "a rags-to-riches story". But also is a story about greed, delusion and moral decay. Also, as the great majority of novels, The Great Gatsby is a love story, or at least it is love and desire that set the plot in motion.

Nick, the narrator of this story, is said to be unreliable in Martine's review. This could refer to a limited point of view, the narrator being constrained by his own perceptions and appreciations. Other character mentioned is Jordan Baker, in opinion of the reviewer the most interesting character of the novel.

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